'Labour & Perseverance (Municipal Bank, Birmingham, November 2012)', Elly Clarke, Photograph, 2012
Elly Clarke is an artist & curator based in Birmingham & Berlin. She is interested in the impact of mobility (of people, information and things) upon sense of self, both when alone and as part of a community, and in the identities we forge both online & offline.

Participation & collaboration play a key role in Clarke’s practise. From The Broadway House Photo Project, (connecting the community through the distribution of cameras and an exhibition) to Moscow to Beijing (trying to bridge the cultural and linguistic gap that stood between Clarke and her fellow passengers); from The George Richmond Portrait Project, (tracing portraits by Victorian portraitist George Richmond RA (1809-1896) to private homes), to her curatorial work via Clarke Gallery (most recently FRAME_birmingham), she is interested in setting up situations that encourage encounters that unearth narratives which might not otherwise be told.

Clarke is also interested in the shift from analogue to digital photography and its impact upon our sense of history, archiving, memory and language.  And in our ever shifting relationship with history in general - through art(ifact), language and architecture. 

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