The purpose of the entire project was to showcase the beauty of this incredible building in the only way we know how - by allowing artists to respond to the space and encouraging interest in the past lives of those who have known and loved the building.

Therefore, to pro-long the legacy of this project, we were keen to continue to promote it's historical interest, and that of Birmingham.  Pete James of Birmingham Library, kindly allowed us to view an archive souvenir catalogue from the Municipal Bank when it was first opened in 1933 by His Royal Highness, Prince George.  It is this beautiful catalogue which we have lovingly replicated into a souvenir of our own - Thrift Radiates Happiness: Retrospect.

This offers the reader a history of the bank and it's employees, images of the building at the current day which we commissioned; plus archive images as a comparison; and acts as a thank you to the partners who supported us along the way.  There is also a new piece of work by Caitlin Griffiths which responds to the stories of previous employees of the bank.

As designer of this catalogue, I have been honoured to work from such an outstandingly clean design, with the freedom to make it my own.  The final version is, I think, has been carefully and thoughtfully executed, and hopefully showcases the magic that our artists brought to this great building.

Full details of where to get a copy of the catalogue will follow shortly.....

Kate Eagle
Director, Platform-e 

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