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You can own a Turner Prize Nominee, Spartacus Chetwynd, print for just £2.00!

Thrift Radiates Happiness
Arts Exposition
14-17 March 2013
Municipal Bank Building, Broad Street, Birmingham

The Thrift Radiates Happiness team is delighted to announce two new artists to the event.

Firstly we are thrilled to announce that British artist Spartacus Chetwynd, a 2012 Turner prize nominee, will be one of our artists at the Thrift arts exposition opening next month (March), in Birmingham UK.

Chetwynd studied painting at the Royal College of Art 2004 and celebrates occasions in cultural history that exemplify extremist behaviour and belief. 

For the Birmingham exposition, Chetwynd has produced a limited edition print that, as part of the Investment Project, you can potentially own for only £2.00 investment. 

Other artists partaking in the Investment Project include Mecanoo (architects), Sparrow+Castice, Mary Yacoob and an original archive image from the Library of Birmingham.

Charlie Levine, curator at the TROVE gallery said that it was a great accolade to have attracted Chetwynd to perform at the THRIFT exposition. “This is not only an amazing opportunity to have access to an incredible and usual closed building, but also to invest just £2 and walk home with some incredible limited edition (of 100 each) prints from the architects of the new library to Turner Prize nominee, Spartacus Chetwynd.”

The Thrift Radiates Happiness exposition is a showcase a creative programme of drawings, images, sound and light, video and music from local, national and international artists. Other artists involved in the exhibition include Elly Clarke, Tom Crawford, Caitlin Griffiths, Ellie Harrison and Nicole Wilson.

The Thrift Radiates Happiness title has been taken from an inscription found carved across a main beam within the building.  All the art projects featured will appropriately focus on finance and investment

Entry to the three day event, being held at the former Municipal Bank Building on Broad Street, Birmingham, is free. This is the first time that the Grade II listed building has been open to the public in ten years.

The event is the result of an arts and business collaboration between Birmingham based gallery TROVE, the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), the Birmingham Architectural Association (BAA), Birmingham City Council and global architect practice Aedas.

It has been funded by The Arts Council, RIBA and Aedas. Alongside the art exhibition there will be an extensive educational programme provided by the BAA and RIBA, including a public debate, heritage tours and a student design competition. 



For further information visit or call:

Jennifer Chatham, Chatham Communications (+44) 7775 912818

I popped to the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford the last month.  It is a museum filled literally to the rafters with oddities, relics, curiosities and historical objects.  The collection was founded in 1884 is still growing.  Unlike a 'normal' museum, objects are not places in age/historical order, rather cabinets are crammed thematically, for example, Animals, Houses, Writing Material etc.  

A small row of cabinets particularly caught my eye, though, and these housed the 'Currency and Measures' objects.  Within the cabinets we found various objects, including knives, feathers and shells, that were used for payment before the idea of notes and coins existed as we understand it now.  This does not just mean all of the objects were of great historical interest, some were also fairly modern.  Below are are few images from these cabinets. 

Charlie Levine
Director, TROVE
When asked to take an image on the most recent site visit to the Municipal Bank to then show and explain why I took it and why I liked it, I thought I would have been overwhelmed with options.  The Municipal Bank is an incredible building.  There are nooks and crannies everywhere, huge rooms, small rooms, stained glass, secret vaults, original objects, new objects, corners, doorways and mirrors.  But when on site I clicked into curator mode and began being more concerned with which plug sockets work, which lights worked, how could the work sit in spaces where you can’t touch the walls due to its Grade II Listed status, which doors need closing off and how many invigilators will we need and where, that I didn’t take any images at all. 

So I have selected an image of the floor plug sockets in an upstairs office, taken by one of our artists, Elly Clarke, on this same site visit whilst Amy and I were busy testing ground floor sockets.

Charlie Levine
Director, TROVE

Charlie Levine, Director, TROVE

Charlie Levine has been an independent curator and art critic since 2005.

TROVE is an independent contemporary art gallery based in Birmingham, UK.  Over the past three years, since its launch in October 2009, TROVE have worked with 146 local, national and international artists that have created, exhibited and performed as part of TROVEs programme.  

TROVE have realised over 36 shows (we aim for one per month) in the wonderful TROVE home, the Old Science Museum, and in offsite projects, with venues including Curzon Street Station, mac birmingham, Edible Eastside, DownStairs Gallery, FarGo, The Burlington Fine Art Club, Coexist and ARC.

TROVE is an independent art gallery who have worked with Aedas Presents, Fierce Festival, Hereford Photography Festival, Hedge Enquiry, Minnie Weisz Studio, Museum of Lost Heritage, The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), Birmingham Architects Association (BAA), Birmingham City Council, Clarke Gallery, Birmingham City University and Crowd 6.