As this was my first site visit, I decided to share the first photo I took, focusing on my first impressions and feelings of the building.

Walking into the massive space of the entrance hall I tried to imagine what it would have been like, stepping through the revolving doors into what would have been quite a magnificent sight. The high ceilings are impressive, with the remains of 1930s interior style adorned on them and the surrounding walls, and the floor space is huge; you can imagine the long cashier desks, the general public queuing, and employers hard at work.  I spotted the inscription which inspired the title of the show Thrift Radiates Happiness, and had a little wave of excitement come over me thinking about how we were going to be involved in a small part of this building’s long history, introducing others to the perhaps overlooked qualities of the Municipal Bank.

Amy Kirkham
Project Assistant, Thrift Radiates Happiness

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