When asked to take an image on the most recent site visit to the Municipal Bank to then show and explain why I took it and why I liked it, I thought I would have been overwhelmed with options.  The Municipal Bank is an incredible building.  There are nooks and crannies everywhere, huge rooms, small rooms, stained glass, secret vaults, original objects, new objects, corners, doorways and mirrors.  But when on site I clicked into curator mode and began being more concerned with which plug sockets work, which lights worked, how could the work sit in spaces where you can’t touch the walls due to its Grade II Listed status, which doors need closing off and how many invigilators will we need and where, that I didn’t take any images at all. 

So I have selected an image of the floor plug sockets in an upstairs office, taken by one of our artists, Elly Clarke, on this same site visit whilst Amy and I were busy testing ground floor sockets.

Charlie Levine
Director, TROVE

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