I popped to the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford the last month.  It is a museum filled literally to the rafters with oddities, relics, curiosities and historical objects.  The collection was founded in 1884 is still growing.  Unlike a 'normal' museum, objects are not places in age/historical order, rather cabinets are crammed thematically, for example, Animals, Houses, Writing Material etc.  

A small row of cabinets particularly caught my eye, though, and these housed the 'Currency and Measures' objects.  Within the cabinets we found various objects, including knives, feathers and shells, that were used for payment before the idea of notes and coins existed as we understand it now.  This does not just mean all of the objects were of great historical interest, some were also fairly modern.  Below are are few images from these cabinets. 

Charlie Levine
Director, TROVE

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