Municipal Bank, Broad Street, Birmingham.
14th – 17th March 2013

An RIBA event, curated by Charlie Levine / TROVE
in association with Aedas Presents, BAA and BCC.

Thrift Radiates Happiness is the first contemporary arts exhibition ever to be held at the Municipal Bank in central Birmingham, UK.  This exhibition presents works based on the British class system, the ever-present UK recession and investment in art and the world economy.

With the main foyer space hosting a specifically commissioned sound piece by Elly Clarke, the offices off this central entrance will house pieces of work by Tom Crawford, Caitlin Griffiths, Ellie Harrison and Nicole Wilson, all of whom work with and present works based on commerce, current economical issues, up-cycling objects and investment.

For the second part of this exhibition audience members will be invited to 'invest' £2 for which they will be given a number to a safety deposit box, within which will be a limited edition print by one of the contributing artists.  Their £2 investment immediately rising and resulting in an original piece of artwork made for the exhibition by artists and architects. 

Charlie Levine

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